Off Road RC Car Racing Technique – a Cool Tip

Off Road RC Car Racing

Off Road RC Car Racing – a Cool Tip from the RC Heli Section

While doing the research for the “Hidden RC Helicopter Gyro” posts series former this month, I have stumbled upon a unique and very interesting idea. What a heli gyro got to do with off road rc car racing you ask, good question. Without getting into details (you can read in more detail about it in part 1 of the series) a gyro is  a really fast spinning disk of mass around an axis. Now where do you have a gyro in your rc car? Take a look on the motor (especially if it is electric motor),  what do you see? A disk of mass spinning really fast around the axis. Okay, so we have a “hidden gyro” in our rc car, but how does it relate to off road rc car racing?

Well, a gyro has a very unique property – It resist forces acting on it axis. Doing so cause the gyro to move in perpendicular to the force acting on the gyro. It is called gyroscopic procession (you can read in more detail about it in part 2 of the series). And now for the cool part where we put to use all this physics stuff while racing our rc car. We can take an advantage of this great phenomena while racing off road, and actually  control and stabilize the car while it is jumping and in midair. Here is how – next time when you racing off road do the following: while jumping as the car in midair hit the throttle to it max, bringing the engine to its max rpm, and then turn the wheels. Turning the wheels in one direction will cause the front of the car to rise up, while turning them in the opposite direction will cause it to lower down the front of the car. For the full explanation check Glenn Turner blog here:

Is that a cool trick or not?!
If you are already familiar with that trick, please share from your experience in the comments below. If you have an off road rc car and willing to give it a try and share your results that will be great, just don’t forget to write also what kind of rc car you are driving. I’m guessing that the great effect will be with the twin motors cars like the eMaxx where the motor are aligned in the same direction. But I’m not sure about the Tamiya Dual Hunter since the motor are align in opposite to one another, hence probably canceling the effect of each other.

Image credit to Nicolasnv (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons.


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